About Antanette Polistena, NY Licensed Esthetician,and Pacific Spa & Airbrush

Antanette Polistena is a New York licensed esthetician. After 3 years of owning her own business in Park Slope, Brooklyn, Pacific Tanning Park Slope, Antanette relocated to Staten Island, NY to offer a personalized service for airbrush, laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation treatment, and microdermabrasion with Pacific Spa & Airbrush.

Antanette has a warm and caring approach to customer service. She has an abundance of knowledge of both products and procedures in the world of beauty. Contact Antanette at 646-539-9856 for a consultation.

PERSONAL (1 to 2 Persons)

The idea for Pacific Spa and Airbrush comes from the need for a more intimate, less franchised spa experience. Too often do spa experiences feel more like a doctor's appointment in a warmly lit waiting room without the convenience of insurance to pay for it. Here at Pacific Spa and Airbrush, we want to bring back the feeling of comfort and exclusivity to the spa experience. Pacific Spa and Airbrush exemplifies the need for a personal journey. Not every procedure is the same because not every client is the same. Your needs become our priority and providing the best experience tailored to you becomes our mantra. 

GROUP & PARTY (3 or more Persons)

Here at Pacific Spa and Airbrush we expand the same courtesy to our larger groups that we do to our individuals; an experience tailored to your needs. From a bridal party excited for the big day to a cheer/dance team ready to look flawless on stage, we realize that your needs, your experience, and your expectations will vary for products, procedures, and occasion. We love hearing your suggestions and requests and providing the services to match!